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Get Local Media Coverage, Be the Talk of the Town

Capture the spotlight. Forge a friendship with a journalist. Gain credibility overnight.

Leverage Local Journalists to Amplify Your Story

Are you a business owner seeking to capture the spotlight of your local media outlets? Look no further.

We specialize in crafting captivating stories reporters in markets 1-210 can't resist covering. We help amplify your story for projects like...

  • Philanthropy endeavors
  • Benefits
  • Special events
  • Conferences
  • Small business profiles
  • Book launches
  • Grand openings
  • Giving campaigns
During a short kick-off call, we will develop a character-driven, newsworthy story to send to a limited list of reporters in your market. You will be guided on how to identify interviewees and visuals to enhance your media appeal.

Keep in mind, the news cycle is constantly changing, so we cannot guarantee coverage. However, we are dedicated to working hard to secure at least one media spotlight during your campaign.

As a former reporter, I understand what makes a story irresistible to the media, and my extensive network ensures your story reaches the right ears. Let's elevate your business's visibility together.

Watch how we helped a Minnesota-based fintech company secure significant local media coverage for the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas.

This achievement proves our knack for making local heroes shine in the media spotlight. We bring the same energy to promote your local event.

If you aim to generate buzz in your community, we can help you achieve similar results in any media market. Check out the video and let's make your event the talk of the town!

Local Media Coverage Package

Starting at $1,900

Price to adjust depending on your local market's size.

The clock is ticking to your launch. Get moving! 

  • Given the ever-changing news cycle, we cannot promise coverage. Rest assured, we are committed to securing at least one media spotlight for your campaign.

  • When working with the media, your story is in their hands. You will not see the story before it goes live. There will be no requests for revisions to stories unless they are factually incorrect.

  • À La Carte Extras
  • Additional Media Training | $250/hr
  • On-Site Media Management | $650/day
  • 30-minute Strategy Session: Getting the most out of your earned media coverage | $250

The Roadmap to Enhance Your Credibility

  • 15-minute Fit Meeting | This virtual call is to ensure we are telling a real story about real humans, and you are also a human. We also ask about your goals for winning coverage in your market.

  • Share Event Details | If your story is a good fit, our team will request event details including photos, videos and contact information for featured individuals to be sent via email. 

  • Story Development | The best stories about about people, not products. Together, we will discover a newsworthy, human interest story to promote your cause.

  • Hyper-Personalized Reporter Outreach | Craft compelling and highly tailored hooks to pique the interest of key reporters, ensuring your news gets the spotlight it deserves.

  • Media Coaching for Your Featured Speaker | Equip yourself and your featured speaker with the skills needed to excel in interviews and media appearances. $250 value

  • Real-time Updates via Email and Text | Receive timely updates via email and text messages, ensuring you don't miss out on timely opportunities and key interviews.

  • Publication Day Celebration | Excite your circle by sharing your big news on your social media channels, in email campaigns, and more.

  • Make Friends with a Journalist | Cultivate strong relationships with local journalists enhancing your organization's multimedia presence, reputation, and credibility.

"What a ball of energy, heart, and smarts. It was a joy working with another female CEO!! Thank you for all you did to quickly ramp up to speed on Spave, Lemonade Day, Capital Factory, and SXSW.

Because of you and your tenacity, we made excellent traction and earned media coverage on SpectrumNews with Alex Stockwell

Our company will be able to leverage for some time. I look forward to continue working with you."

CAMS-care Lecture

Fox News: Suicidologist offers ways for 'increasing hope and decreasing hopelessness' in suicide spike

Client | CAMS-care

International suicide expert Dr. David Jobes spoke to Fox News Digital about treatments for suicidal patients after launching a new book.

Inbound PR success stories

Inbound PR Strategies: 4 Client Stories of Demand Generation

By Julia Brolin

Haven't heard of Inbound Public Relations (PR). I'm about to blow your mind. 

Here are four examples of companies in very different industries that incorporated public relations into their marketing strategies and found wild success. 

RoboKind on KFYR Fargo, ND

KFYR: Northern North Dakota School first in state to introduce students to Milo, the humanoid robot

Client | RoboKind

This incredible story serves as undeniable evidence that earned media has the power to drive new business opportunities. Remarkably, within a mere two months of its broadcast, neighboring schools were already expressing interest in acquiring their very own humanoid robots.

Enhance Your Credibility

When third-party, reputable sources feature you or your company, it bolsters your brand's credibility. This added trustworthiness not only influences visitors to your website but also fosters trust among potential customers.

Increase Website Traffic

Earned media articles serve as magnets for web traffic. They pique the curiosity of readers who are likely to explore your website, leading to a surge in new website visits and referral traffic.

Improve SEO

Backlinks from earned media articles contribute to a stronger search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Search engines perceive links from authoritative sources as indicators of your website's credibility, elevating your website rankings.

Reach New Audiences

Published stories extend your brand's reach to new and untapped audiences. As more people discover your company through media coverage, your website becomes a hub for further exploration and engagement.

Content for Sharing

Utilize earned media articles as valuable content assets for your website and social media platforms. Sharing positive media coverage reinforces your brand's image and sparks interaction with your online presence.

Increase Conversions

Earned media articles create buzz. Visitors arriving at your website after reading favorable articles are more inclined to take actions like making purchases, subscribing to newsletters, or contacting your company.

Competitive Advantage

A website featuring an array of earned media articles underscores your company's achievements and industry recognition. This sets you apart from competitors and enhances your appeal to prospective customers.

Don't Hesitate. I'm NICE! 😎